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What is the Registry for? How can I do it?

  • The registration on the Site is to provide the data necessary to process orders online.
  • To register, click on the upper menu in “Request Access”, you will then be shown a form that after filled will enter the validation and approval process.
  • After receiving the access codes you must  "Login" on the main page in order to access the reserved area.


I have already received my access data, what do I do now?

  • In the top right menu choose "Login" and then enter the email and password defined, then you should access the Online Store with item prices and shopping cart.


What should I do to keep me logged in?

  • When you start your session choose "Stay Signed in", and from that moment whenever you access our website your session is stored, but only on the computer or equipment you were using when you enabled this option.
  • Subsequently if you want to disable this feature, simply choose in the top right menu the option "Logout" to end your session.
  • Never use the "Stay Signed in" option on computers or devices that are not of your trust.

Can I change my registration data?

  • You can at any time change data on your account, in order to do this you must “Login” first then you will have access to the "My Account" where you can change the data you want in a quick and easy way.

How does the search engine work?

  • To search for a given product you should enter in the " Search ", a name, an item number or product barcode.
  • Then press "enter" or click the "magnifying glass" to begin the search. The search engine presents all items that contain the term entered.
  • If there was more than one result, the user should select the item in question from the displayed list.

I made a mistake filling the data for billing or ordered the wrong product. What do I do?

  • In this case, send us a Email to or contact us by the phone +351 243 70 90 80 urgently, so we can correct the error and rectify the situation.

What is the "Newsletter"? How can I receive it?

  • Green Apple´s users subscribing to the Newsletter service, will receive through an e-mail from time to time the Site´s news and products highlights.
  • To properly receive our newsletters, update your mail preferences to allow images from our electronic mail account  thus ensuring that the messages we send will not end up in the junk mail folder
  • By default all registered users will automatically receive the newsletter, non registered users must insert a valid email in the " Newsletter "and then click the envelope to subscribe to the service..


I am having difficulty in navigating your site. What should I do?

  • For business questions contact us via phone +351 243 70 90 80 . For technical questions send a email to

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