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Shop-in-Shop, Partnership for consumer sale


Our Business  Concept



Our Business


The "Shop-in-Shop" retail concept occurs
when a brand owner or retailer is provided
a space in another retailer’s store.
This particular space is dedicated to
that secondary company’s products.

Both brands involved benefit
from this partnership.

The first company has the opportunity
to sell produtcs of a prestigious brand
in the most profitable conditions.
The second one obtains a new selling point
and increases its visibility.


100% Portuguese  Brand




100% Portuguese


By collaborating with Green Apple ,
our partners can benefit from the
exclusivity of our 100% Portuguese
design and production pieces.

Our products are unique and
registered at the Portuguese
Institute of Industrial Property – INPI.



 Commercial Terms  & Conditions




Commercial Terms
& Conditions


The 35% discount applied at the original
GA price allows our partners to practise
comfortable RRP trade margins.

In addition, it enables the creation
of attractive campaigns targeting
the final client (for instance,
10 or 20% promotional sales).


How to become a GA Partner?

Consult our  ambiencescontact us and together we will select
the most suitable pieces to your space.


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