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decoração de interiores, mobiliário e iluminação, para a hotelaria e residências particulares



Green Apple
International Trading


Green Apple International Trading
is a Portuguese based company with
international activity, that is dedicated
to furniture design, manufacturing and
distribution, ornaments, linen and lighting,
for private housing and hotelware, by the
name of Green Apple Home Style.



colecções caracterizadas pela contemporaneidade, conforto e exclusividade



Green Apple         
        Home Style


With Green Apple Home Style brand,
we are able to develop exquised collections,
creating elegant and sophisticated pieces
that are manufactured according to the
highest quality and functionality standards.

Our ceaselessly seek for innovation, when
concerning materials and design, enables
us to nurture unique style  collections,
who emanate contemporaneity, comfort
and exclusivity.



A nossa missão é impulsionar o design de origem nacional


Brand Values


Fostering national design through
innovative processes, in the furnishing
and interior decor industry, has turned
Green Apple into one of the very few
Portuguese luxury brands to achieve
100% local manufactured pieces,
exporting on a worldwide level.


We kindly invite you to our Production
Department, as well as our Showroom.
We hope to count on your visit in the future.

A Green Apple HOME STYLE quer afirmar-se como referência internacional

Our Vision


International recognition, in the furnishing
and interior decor industry, is
Green Apple most precious gold.

We are an innovative, competitive
and ambicious company who is fully
client-oriented and capable of effective
response to each client needs.

By constantly investing in I&D,
we intend to strengthen our distinctive
service among our client network, as well
as reinforce our excellency factor abroad.



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