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Does Green Apple sell to the end consumer?

No, our company is dedicated exclusively to the wholesale market. However, tell us what you need and what your location is so we can suggest one of our clients. See our contacts here.


Does the company market national production items?

Yes, currently the Green Apple also produces in the national market in order to sell nationally and internationally.


Do the items have a minimum order quantity ?

Yes, in order to respect the integrity of the packaging, most products have minimum order quantity.


Is there a minimum amount for the first order ?

View our Terms and Conditions here.


How are deliveries made?

View our Terms and Conditions here.


How long does the delivery of the order take?

About ten days with the exception of periods of increased flow (Easter and Christmas).


Does Green Apple provide Catalogs ?

After logging in, you have at your disposal all our catalogs in digital format.


I made a purchase and I was given a credit note. How do I redeem this credit?

Green Apple presents two options: If you are buying again it is discounted automatically in the next order, or if you do not wish to do any further orders then Green Apple transfers the amount of credit.

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